Being the most desirable solution partner in Türkiye along with the value provided for clients and stakeholders in the course of intellectual property services.


Erdem Kaya Patent becomes a solution partner for all clients and other stakeholders in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, both nationally and internationally; contributes to the effective protection of the intellectual values of our country.

Core Values

We are;

  • Committed to ethic values
  • Reliable and sincere
  • Modest

Value Proposition

We Provide the opportunity for;

Lifelong employment evaluation for our employees with our “Lifelong Competency” approach.

Profit and performance optimisation for our shareholder by the alignment of “ Corporate Management Model” along with the company.

Common use of the client and resource portfolio for our suppliers and partners.

Generating and protecting the ideas for our community on intellectual property rights

Receiving an end-to-end bundle service for our clients on intellectual property rights

We Promise!

As Erdem Kaya Partners we will;
Add value to our stakeholders,
Count our job as ‘National Concern’ and we are volunteer to perform it
Give importance to profundity of knowledge,
Be a company open to innovations and learning,
Create added value in our sector with sustainable business relationships.