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In Türkiye, number of patent applications are increasing rapidly in recent years particularly after the adaptation of EPC in November 2000. After the ratification of new Industrial Property Law No. 6769 on the date of 10th of January, 2017, Türkiye’s Intellectual Property system are almost fully harmonized with all developed countries.

We also hereunder provided some information as regards protection types for inventions. For more information, please do not hesitate to send us a message by clicking here.

Utility Model Applications

In Türkiye, an invention being novel and industrially applicable can be granted with a Utility Model certificate providing a protection term of 10 years. The term from filing to grant is approximately 12-14 months in case of a smooth procedure. There is an official novelty search in registration procedure and third parties can file their objections within 2-months term before the grant.

National Patent Applications

An invention being novel, inventive and industrially applicable can be granted with a patent with examination. The term of the patent is 20 years. The term from filing to grant is approximately 24-36 months in case of a smooth procedure depending on the number of examinations done.

PCT Applications

PCT Chapter I or II applications can enter the national phase in Türkiye within 30 months from the priority date. On the other hand, 3 months extension to national entry is possible with a fine. National phase entries with positive IPRP are directly granted by TURKPATENT without conducting any further examination. On the other hand, national route is open in Türkiye.

EP validations

Türkiye adopted the EPC on November 1, 2000 and European Patents filed on or after this date can be validated in Türkiye. The validation has to be realized within 3 months from the publication date of their grant in a relevant EP bulletin. Accurate translations are very important as Turkish translation is taken into account in infringements proceedings according to Article 15 of the relevant EPC regulation of Türkiye.

Divisional applications

In analogy with the Paris Convention, applicants can file divisional applications before the final decision of the TURKPATENT. As known, priority date of a parent application is also preserved for divisional applications thereof.

In addition to the above, by filing internationally published claims; pending PCT or EP applications can benefit from the provisional protection in Türkiye in order to defend their inventions as from an earlier date in case of an infringement.

Our Related Services

We render variety range of services as regards patents and utility models. We hereunder only listed only some of our services which are more frequently asked by our clients or colleagues. For detailed information on these or any other relevant services please click here to send us a message. Your inquiry will be replied in detail within a day at the most.

Filing Services

Patent and Utility Model Filings
EP Validations
PCT national phase entries

Objections – Responses

Filing objections against published patents, utility models
Filing defensive arguments against TURKPATENT’s refusal decisions or incoming objections
Preparing response and amendments against Examination Reports

Search – Watch Services

Patent state of the art or freedom to operate searches on Turkish Patent Registry
Patent Watches on Turkish Patent Registry
Patent Infringement Analysis
Product Clearance Reports
Patent Invalidation Services

Prosecution Services

Timely informing any developments during registration procedures
Filing registration requests
Filing search and examination requests
Monitoring renewals
Filing evidence of use
Patent Translation
Filing Force Major Requests

Official Registry Based Services

Filing requests for change of name, address or entity
Recording License agreements and assignments
Recording offers for license

Legal Services

Handling C&D letters
Handling all court proceedings
Handling alternative dispute resolution proceedings


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