We serve a high number of clientele to protect the software and other work they have produced.


First, as provided by in Law No 5846, to accept a work as an intellectual and artistic work and to protect it, the following conditions are required to be met:

  • It should be a property of the owner
  • Must have a form
  • It should be possible to include the work in one of the work classes listed in the law
  • It must be a product of intellectual work.

In Intellectual and Artistic Works Law No 5846 the term “Work” is used to cover the following:

  • Scientific and Literature Work (computer programs, books, screenplays and scripts, a particular text, photographs, projects, maps etc.)
  • Article of virtue (paintings, statues, carvings, handwork, typecasting etc.).
  • Music work (all compositions with or without lyrics)
  • Movies (short and long movie films)
  • Processing and compilation work (translation, revising all kinds of existing works, making movies from literature work etc.)
  • Program codes and databases

Generally one becomes the owner of a work when he/she produces such work. However if no registry/ recording is made within the framework of law no 5846, in case of a potential conflict (counterfeit etc), it becomes very hard to prove the real ownership of work and unfortunately it will not be possible to benefit from the rights given by the related law. Thus it would be very logical for people or firms who produce one of the above mentioned works must have the related registry/recording process completed.

Copyright Related Services

We serve a high number of clientele to protect the software and other work they have produced. Especially with our legal team experienced in legislation on copyright and especially in intellectual properties our clients can get an effective legal support in case of a conflict of any type. Here are the listing as regards some of our related services.

Obligatory and Optional Copyright Registration

Monitoring and removing internet based copyright infringement
Filing legal and penalty cases within the scope of FSEK and to provide defense in such cases.

Preparation of license agreements
Distribution and monitoring licenses
Online Reputation Management


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