“Our experienced attorneys at law and trademark attorneys with in-depth knowledge of relevant case law and recent key decisions are very motivated to protect yours or your clients’ trademark rights in Türkiye.”

In recent years, particularly number of domestic trademark applications has been dramatically increased as a result of increasing IP awareness in Türkiye.

As a solid figure, with +100.000 trademark application filed in each year, Türkiye is the top trademark filing country in Europe This means obtaining a registered trade mark in Türkiye is getting difficult day by day.

Within this crowd, you will always be able to find a smooth part with the assistance of our experienced and very talented trademark team.

In addition to above, we also hereunder provided some information as regards trademark types in Türkiye. For more information, please do not hesitate to send us a message by clicking here.

Trade Marks

A trade mark is a sign distinguishing the goods produced or traded by an undertaking from the goods of other undertakings. Marks placed on the goods or on their packages are trademarks.

Service Marks

Service marks are the signs for distinguishing services of one undertaking from the services of other undertakings. Marks of insurance companies, hospitals, banks or patent firms fall in the service mark category.

Guarantee Marks

A guarantee mark, under the control of the proprietor of the mark, serves the purpose of the guaranteeing the common characteristics of the undertakings, production methods, geographical sign and quality of those undertakings. The use of the guarantee mark by the proprietor of the mark or on the goods or services of an establishment economically connected to the proprietor of the mark is forbidden. ISO, TUV and CE marks are exam.

Collective Marks

Collective mark serves the purpose of distinguishing the goods and services of the undertakings belonging to a group from the goods and services of the other undertakings.

Well Known Marks

Well known marks are the signs whose well-knowness by the public has been legally approved by the Turkish Patent Institute or by courts. Scope of protection of well known marks are so wide that a sign similar to a well known mark cannot be registered even though it is not in the good and service categories of the well known mark. List of well known marks are published in the special official bulletin of TurkPatent and the list are updated when necessary.

Filing requirements

1. Name and address of the applicant;
2. Sample of the mark (Max size is 8 x 8 cm);
3. List of goods and services according to Nice Agreement;
4. Power of Attorney*, simply signed by the applicant, legalization is not required;
5. If it is a collective mark, Collective Mark Agreement

Power of Attorney is not required for filing but will be needed in case of a recordal of assignment, cancellation, withdrawal or deletion of goods.

Trademark Related Services

We render wide range of services as regards trademarks. We hereunder only listed only some of our services which are more frequently asked by our clients. For detailed information on these or any other relevant services please click here to send us a message. Your inquiry will be replied in detail within 48 hours at the most.

Trademark filings

Taking over representation
Monitoring oppositions against trademarks registered via Madrid Protocol in Türkiye
Filing objections against published trademarks
Filing defensive arguments against TurkPatent’s refusal decisions or incoming objections
Similarity trademark searches in Turkish Official Trademark Registry
Trademark watches based on competitor, classification or goods-services
Preparing license agreements
Informing any developments
Filing registration requests
Monitoring renewals
Filing Force Major Requests
Filing requests for change of name, address or entity
Recording License agreements and assignments
Obtaining approved copies of any document from Turkish Patent Registry


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