“We offer wide range of services for effectively protecting aesthetic creations”

Aesthetic creations which are new and distinctive can effectively be protected by a design registration in Türkiye.

Mainly, there are two types of industrial design applications as colored and uncolored. Multiple applications are also possible provided that designs are in the same Locarno class.

There is a novelty search procedure after filing and objection procedure after grant. The protection term of a registered design is 25 years as long as renewal fees are paid in every 5 years counting from the filing date.

After the ratification of new Industrial Property Law No 6769, unregistered design protection is also possible. In detail, any design above mentioned meeting registration criteria can be protected for three years without necessitating registration procedure from the date on which it is made available to public.

Filing requirements:

1. Name and address of the applicant;
2. Representations and brief descriptions of the designs (8×8 cm). Representation can be prepared as drawing, picture, graphic, photograph or a similar way, but must clearly show all special characteristic of design and must be suitable to publish.
3. Power of Attorney, simply signed by the applicant, legalization is not required;

Power of Attorney is not required for filing but will be needed in case of a recordal of assignment, cancellation, withdrawal or deletion of goods.

Design related services

We hereunder only listed only some of our design services. For more information please click here to send us your inquiry.

Design Filings

Filing objections against published industrial designs
Filing defensive arguments against TURKPATENT’s refusal decisions or incoming objections

Design searches in Turkish Official Registry

Design watches based on competitor, classification or subject-matter
Preparing license agreements
Informing any developments
Filing registration requests
Monitoring renewals

Filing Force Major Requests

Filing requests for change of name, address or entity
Recording License agreements and assignments
Obtaining approved copies of any document from Turkish Patent Registry


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