As Erdem Kaya Partners, we have a fair and people-oriented management approach and we build our entire HR policy in this direction. Equal access to rights and opportunities is among our priorities and we do not have glass ceilings in our company.

We act with the awareness that the most value-added investment is investment in people, and we believe that the only unlimited asset in terms of competence is human beings. Employee satisfaction, competence and depth of knowledge are very important to us. In this sense, we support our colleagues in their career journeys through training, leadership and mentoring activities for their personal and professional development.

We aim to be in an approach that aims to serve the welfare of society with individuals who have a high sense of responsibility towards social and environmental problems and to continuously improve our practices in line with these goals.

We are proud of the fact that our colleagues are an indispensable part of our success and strength, and we are happy to move forward with people who are always open to learning, know how to dream, have problem-solving skills and put open communication at the center of their lives.


  • We are committed to ethical values.
  • We are trustworthy and sincere.
  • We are humble.